Horticulture and Biotechnology


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Horticulture and Biotechnology
A horticulturalist is a specialist in the science of plant cultivation. Horticulture has both practical and academic resonances: for example, it can be studied purely as an applied science, but horticulture is also daily practiced by farmers, gardeners, and hobbyists who do not need a grasp of the underlying science in order to cultivate plants.
From time immemorial, the tools used by a horticulturalist have been basic agricultural tools: the hoe, the seed, the soil, as well as control of the larger system in which plants are cultivated (for example, the use of water and pesticides, and the management of the land surrounding the planning areas). With the advance of technology, horticulture now...

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.....robably wish that farmers would quit complaining, and among farmers who see themselves as guarding their legacies and their livelihood. The bottom line is that horticulture has become deeply contested cultural and social ground, and can therefore be expected to breed anger for years to come.
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