Homophobia in Iranian Culture


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Homophobia in Iranian Culture
Sexuality is something that matters in every culture. Sex, a primal and integral part of existence, is complicated through modernity, technology and social structures that emerge through the ways cultures develop. Ancient civilizations have laid the foundation for how people think in our modern world. Sex and sexuality also come from the ancient customs that carry through into modern times. Sex and sexuality are an important part of sex in contemporary society, and inform patterns of behavior, beliefs and actions. In Iranian culture, sex is a really important facet of society. I am from Iran, and know this culture well, especially Iranian’s attitudes on homosexuality and dealing with homosexuality. There is a...
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.....ted and/or misunderstood. Because heterosexuals might want to live their normal life and don’t want to be seen as incapable of living this life, homophobia occurs. It is valued to be “traditional,” and there isn’t much room (in my experience) of being gay and upholding tradition. Iranians might also think that people of a different sexuality cannot live this life and therefore are intrinsically “different” from them. Overall, it is really important that people of my culture fulfill their lifelong duties to ensure happiness and fit into the Iranian culture, in general. In this way, homophobia definitely comes into play and is present in Iranian culture, a culture that really values carrying on traditions, making generations and being normal.