Homo Habilis as the First True Hominid


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Homo Habilis as the First True Hominid
Darwin supposed that humans, Homo Sapiens, were evolved from earlier forms of man, known as the hominids. The fossil record of bones found bears this out. It is widely believed that our earliest direct ancestor is a species that has been named Homo Habilis (H. habilis).
Homo Habilis (H. habilis) existed between 2.4 and 1.5 million years ago. This ancestor is believed to been around at about the time after that of A. afarensis, one of the australopithecines. A. afarensis is thought to have become extinct around 2.9 million years ago, at about the same time that H. habilis came into existence, which means that the two did not have enough evolutionary time to evolve from one into the other (Evans, 2008)....
The end:
.....have argued whether it is even a new species at all or just the remains of another australopithecine, while others are convinced it is the first true hominid. Others are certain that H. habilis is the very first, true example of the species homo. Only more findings and comparisons will quell these questions and provide answers to place within the fossil record.
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