HIV/AIDS in China


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The beginning:
HIV/AIDS in China
Introduction and Summary
AIDS is becoming more of a problem all over the world, and in the changing spheres of world influence and activity, it should be more and more a part of international discourse. Still, it is not, because AIDS communication is hinged so highly on the preconceived notions of who gets AIDS, what it is, and how the disease works. At the same time, the study of AIDS hasn’t become wholly widespread. AIDS in Asia has been an area of study often neglected. “Most studies on HIV/AIDS have focused on conditions in U.S. inner cities and sub-Saharan Africa. Despite this lack of research attention, the AIDS epidemic in China and other Asian countries is rapidly growing” (Lee, 2010).
Background Research
AIDS and...
The end: definitely try to avoid Westernized biases. It is hard to be unbiased, but it seems like there is such a chasm in those for and against China’s progress in this area, that some less objective light needs to be shed on the matter.
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