Hitler vs. Martin Luther King


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Hitler vs. Martin Luther King
The Twentieth Century was an era of upheaval. It was also a time when racial policies and politics changed the very face of society. Adolf Hitler, a soldier in World War I who saw the victorious Allies humiliate the Germans, dreamt not only of revenge. He believed that, somehow, he could become the master of Europe by promoting his vision of a pure Nordic German race as a super-race to whom the rest of the world would crumble. As someone coming from humble beginnings—it is often rumored he was the result of an adulterous affair—and, until he went into the German army, his life was basically that of a less-than-reliably educated failure.
Martin Luther King, on the other hand, came from a stable home. His father...
The end:
.....rity of his demented logic that put Germans into the category of a master race.
There is no way of knowing what Martin Luther King might have accomplished if his life had not been cut short by an assassin’s bullet. We do know that Hitler’s suicide in his bunker in a Berlin aflame helped bring an end to the evil he created. Yet, from a racial point of view, African-Americans have benefited from the leadership of Dr. King, while anti-Semitism, perhaps less overt, still plagues the world. Love and hate still provide the differential in how one racial inequality is eased, while the other still simmers.
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