History through Conquest: The Il Khanids


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History through Conquest: The Il Khanids
The Persian empire has a long history of conquests and external influence as a primary foundation for the creation of cultural elements. Various cultures and fractions of rulers have fought over the region for what seems like millennia. One of the most influential conquests was that of the Mongolian empire, which later established a system of governing much of what was the Persian empire under the Il Khanids. Brought in from the Mongolian conquests, that united much of Asia under the Mongolian rule, the Il Khanids were a fundamental group that shaped the nature of much of the Middle East. After conquering much of the region, they changed major elements of the culture and introduced many new...
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.....hey changed major elements of the culture and introduced many new elements, most notably the religion of Islam, making the period one of the most influential in contemporary Persian history.
The Mongols came into Persia with a violent desire for control. This previously nomadic culture had a notorious taste for conquering foreign lands, which attested to their landless roots. The Mongols had been causing chaos long before their march west into the Middle East. The regime first invaded China in 1223 under Genghis Khan.1 This move created the influential Mongol Yuan Dynasty , which controlled much of China for generations. After seeing such success east of their original empire, they then turned West and headed for the Middle East. The Mongol