History: The Ottoman Empire and the Adventures of Selim I


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The beginning:
History: The Ottoman Empire and the Adventures of Selim I
This paper explores the actions of Selim I during the sixteenth century. Specifically, the paper looks at why Selim waged war on the Muslim states and whether or not he had legitimate reason to wage war on these states. Additionally, the paper will look at how the conquests of Selim I changed the Ottoman Empire’s religious demographic and religious position or status? What type of administration, and what type of religious and legal changes occurred in the Ottoman Empire as a result of the empire’s expansion into the Islamic world? In answering this final question, the paper will also look at the changes which extended into Suleyman I’s period, as well. When all is said and done,...
The end:
.....icacious leader who made the Ottoman Empire immensely powerful whilst laying the foundation for a sophisticated modern state; his son, Suleyman, consolidated and added to the gains his father made. In the end, his aggressive offensives were defensible and he turned the Middle East into a Ottoman-controlled precinct.
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