History of Sikhs in Canada


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The beginning:
History of Sikhs in Canada
The Sikhs are a group from India that began to immigrate to Canada in the last decade of the Nineteenth Century. As a group they were originally allowed free entry into Canada. However, by approximately 1914 this was no longer the case.
The final research paper will argue that Sikh immigration was initially economically motivated. However, strong social pressures resulted in highly restricted policies that were in effect until 1947.
The final research paper will look at the two phases of Sikh immigration in Canada. When there was a strong need for
they were welcomed into Canada. When it appeared that there were too many of them the Government enacted racist immigration policies. These policies were in...
The end:
, Canadian Sikhs Through a Century, 2001.
This source looks a number of important events in Sikh Canadian history. One of the most interesting in this work was the establishment of the first
Sahib in Canada. This religious center was established on January 19, 1909. It was located at 1866 west 2nd Avenue in Vancouver. The establishment of a permanent religious site indicates that despite the racism many Sikhs were settling in Canada. It would also seem to indicate that the Sikhs were settling into Canadian life significantly earlier then the previously discussed two phases arguments would seem to indicate. After all they had developed a permanent religious site when they were supposedly in a transitory state in Canadian society.