History, Behavioral Clinical Studies and Recommended Treatment Options for Anorexia Nervosa


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An Analysis of the History, Behavioral Clinical Studies, and Recommended Treatment Options for Anorexia Nervosa
The historical background of Anorexia Nervosa defines that the disease originated in the 17th century by being associated with various eating habits determined by various medical professionals. The residual effects of defining this condition continued to be a prominent factor in understanding the psychological aspects of the disease with the early psychometric evaluations of its as a diagnostic condition. This is part of the long standing tradition in which this type of disease took on greater psychological ramifications throughout the 20th century with the advances made in psychological measurements of behaviors,...
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.....d. One of the key issues will be to develop and test dissemination strategies for FBT should it prove to be the initial treatment of choice. Current providers are generally unprepared to use FBT. One small dissemination study found that the approach can be replicated, but larger and more focused attention to this issue is needed. (30) As noted, it remains unclear how helpful FBT is for bulimia nervosa in adolescents; larger randomized clinical trials with active comparison treatments are required to provide more definitive guidance about this. Clinicians can help support these efforts by joining organizations to advocate for the need for eating disorder research and, when feasible, referring patients to ongoing studies in their communities.