Historical Perspective on Private Security Companies


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The beginning:
This paper shall examine the development of private security companies in the United States. In will examine their historical origins in England and translation to colonial North America. The development of a professional police force is contrasted to the growth of private security of the nineteenth century. The infamous acts of Pinkerton Detectives are related. The impact of the September 11th terror attacks and the resurgence of private security companies is contrasted to their historical roots.
Historical Perspective on Private Security Companies
In the mind of the casual observer the image of a security guard is an elderly uniformed gentleman sitting idly by at the local shopping center or innoxiously entrance to a local...
The end:
.....the threats of terrorism have increased the demand for private security and if the private contractors seeking to fill these needs do not heed the lessons of past abuses they are destined to suffer a similar fate.
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