Historical Labour Sites Research Assignment


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The beginning:
Historical Labour Sites Research Assignment
This paper is all about the relationship between the writer and the history of the labour movement in Canada; the site that is being explored in the ensuing pages is the Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railway Workers. The paper shall briefly describe the location and then shall explore the historical context of the event (the construction of the Canadian railway using Chinese labour) and the impact of the event upon Canadian history. In the final analysis, the memorial does appear to be the repayment of a small part of a great debt.
Part A: Account of the site (field component)
To commence, one must describe what one saw when looking at the memorial. To get to the heart of the...
The end:
.....of the endeavour. In the end, the incident means a great deal because of the human toll and because, whatever its failings, it did bring the nation together – at least physically.
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