Historica Foundation: A Minute Devoted to an Honorary Canadian


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The beginning:
Historica Foundation: A Minute Devoted to an Honorary Canadian
The ensuing brief paper will choose a special moment, drawn from the online website, Historica Minute, and will discuss why Historica.ca would choose such a subject; what preferred reading would appear to be the one favoured by the elites who crafted the 60-second commercial; what Canadian values or myths are referenced in the bit; and how the particular minute presents the event, thing or figure referenced; in short, what sort of emotional response is being evoked? When all is said and done, the minute in question is one depicting Jackie Robinson playing for the old Montreal Royals and is intended to show Canada as being a more humane and generous – and colour-blind – society...
The end:
.....closing, the spot found on the aforementioned website is trying to show Canadians as being a morally superior people who have lessons to teach the dastardly Americans; the whole bit revolves around their implied moral superiority and the fact that they view Robinson as a great man who is being unjustly maligned. It is a great message in terms of massaging the Canadian ego, but it is hard to say if the history being presented is really Canadian history or a fashionable re-drawing of Canadian history using multicultural and politically-correct pieties that white-wash how things really were once upon a time.
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