Hilde L. Nelson’s Damaged Identities


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Hilde L. Nelson’s Damaged Identities
Narrative Repair (2001) - a Feminist Bioethicist & Applied Identity Theory.
Hilde Lindemann Nelson has long been professor of Philosophy at the Michigan State University and a frequent visiting professor in American centers for Ethics, Bioethics, Women’s Studies and Medical Sociology. She has continued to write prolifically, sometimes with her fellow bio-ethicist husband, James Lindemann Nelson. Through the 1990s, Hilde Lindemann Nelson gave much time to matters of gender in relation to injustice, ethics, and how moral agency can be limited when groups are victimized by an outside group or a society, at large.
In her Nelson’s 2001 volume, Damaged Identities – Narrative Repair, the reader finds a...
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.....em make use of the past, of sources of oppression, unfairness or dismissive attitudes. There is much from which they can take courage in developed societies that do present options, in the vast majority of situations. The book is well written and the author’s background in the social sciences as much as in the humanities makes for a journey through materials that appear interesting. Her use of many examples is also appealing, and the instruction to seek the counter story of a group, what might be drawn from it, and how this may prove helpful to individuals in the present.
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