High School Versus College


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High School Versus College
Growing up isn’t easy. Every year, a child takes steps to become more of an adult. Education is no different. Through the gradual (and often painstaking) schooling of a child, a child learns while becoming more and more independent. High School into College is another transition that focuses on learning while becoming self-managing. Though in some cases high school is the same as college, it’s really worlds away from the teen angst we remember fondly as adults. College and High School both focus on education, but high school is far more regulated while in college, the student must be far more independent and self-motivated.
It’s no secret- both high school and college really want us to learn. They want us to be...
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..... cases.
High school and college can both be awesome times in the career of a student. In both places, students are being educated and grow as people. Still, high school is a far different experience than college. College and high school have one huge difference: individual responsibility. To be a successful high school student, one only had to do what they are told by their parents, teachers and adults around them. In college, things are much different, and the student must be his or her own motivator. Though high school and college both are educational institutions, this is the biggest difference between high school and college.
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