Hewlett-Packard Company


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Hewlett-Packard Company
Discuss the three most serious problems you have identified in the case. Defend why you think they are the most serious.
The three most serious problems that the Hewlett-Packard company was facing as the leadership was handed off from CEO Carly Fiorina to new CEO Mark Hurd were the following: vagueness in relation to the company’s vision, reward structure, decision making and accountability; financial struggles due to the company being undermanaged; and low employee morale due to distrust of the company’s leadership or lack thereof.
The vagueness issue was probably the most serious one and the one that led to Fiorina being fired. Fiorina was known as a visionary leader who had a hard time dealing in concrete and...
The end:
.....ve a clear and concise idea of what they were expected to do and how they would be rewarded for doing it. Visionary leaders can inspire employees and create a big picture, but H-P desperately needed someone to restructure the basic operations of the company in order for people to succeed. Having Hurd use his excellent management skills really helped to save H-P from losing its talented executives and from losing billions of dollars. H-P was very wise to promote Hurd to CEO, as evinced by the company reaping large profits and its stock rising remarkably after him being in the position for two short years.
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