Healthcare and Spirituality


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Healthcare and Spirituality
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March 22, 2010
Note: Questions 1-4 were answered in the first-person by the interviewee and are paraphrased as follows:
1.My perspective on healing is that it is an act in which the condition of “dis-ease” is rectified. Chattopadhyay (2007) argued that “since the beginning of the recorded history of human civilization, religion and medicine have been intertwined” (p. 262). I liken religion as the act of bridging the human existence to that of the divine. In this perspective, I regard the divine as the ultimate source of energy and life. Thus, the act of healing, from a spirituality perspective, is simply an exercise in which one can reconnect with the source of all...
The end:
.....ients should be prepared to manifest treatment in manners which are flexible and open-minded enough to be able to meet the complex demands of an increasingly diverse, global society.
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