Healthcare and Aging


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Healthcare and Aging
The reality of health care in the UUS is that it is more a business than a vocation. The environment of a patient and nurse on a critical care unit is fast-paced, high-tech and cure-driven. Patient anxiety and stress is heightened in a critical care environment as is the nurse’s.
The imminent risk of patient death is very much a reality on a critical care unit and considered to be a failure. The families of patients on a critical care unit also experience the stress and anxiety of the environment. Nurses are burdened with additional stress in a critical environment since they are not only caring for the patient they provide care to the family as well.
For this assignment I conducted an interview with a family friend...
The end:
.....20% of the nursing staff’s duties is to provide high quality patient care, the other 80% is all about developing a relationship with the patient and family that promotes healing (Bates, 2009; “How the 80/20 Rule Helps Us be More Effective”, 2005).
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