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Health Sciences Questions
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The Scientific Method is the process that scientists go through in order to increase knowledge of scientific phenomenon. There is no end to a scientific discovery because the process is continuous with each study enhancing the ones that came before it. These studies, when taken together, become patterns that scientists use to develop theories and predict future events based on more observation, experimentation and data collection. Science is not in the realm of discovering “ultimate truths” about anything, due to the fact that the quest for more data is never ending and patterns emerge that give scientists more confidence with issues, but not final answers.
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..... is a result of fossil fuels being burned on earth and carbon dioxide buildup in the earth.
While scientists are debating whether CO2 is responsible for an increase in global temperatures, they all agree that temperatures are hotter now. A result of this climate change is that the arctic glaciers are melting which is affecting habitat. Unfortunately, the debate about the greenhouse affect is very political and there are no easy answers as how to move forward, although global warming could affect agriculture economics, infectious diseases, rainfull, hurricanes and many other factors that scientists may not realize yet.
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