Health Psychology: Excessive Eating and HPV


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Health Psychology: Excessive Eating & HPV
Excessive Eating
“There are so many overweight children that perceptions are getting distorted about what’s normal and healthy. . . . The consequences of childhood obesity,” he said, “are too great to ignore” (Kantor, 2007).
-----Dr. Ludwig of Children’s Hospital Boston
No one can deny that obesity is a global issue; all one has to do is look around at their surroundings. The prevalence of childhood obesity can be witnessed at any playground or schoolyard. Childhood obesity is a multiple chronic condition. The disease obesity causes premature mortality is has many medical complications (Budd & Hayman, 2008). It is because of the harsh reality that children are beginning to die before they...
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.....neral population about HPV is because the infection can be passed on to new born babies through vaginal childbirth. Can you imagine starting out in life with a STI?
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