Health Issue Affecting a Life Stage in the Canadian Population


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Health Issue Affecting a Life Stage in the Canadian Population
This paper will look at one of the major life stages – late adulthood – and explore a health issue affecting that segment of the Canadian population. The health issue in question is actually a fairly straightforward one – chronic pain brought about arthritis. The reason why this issue has been selected is because chronic pain does more than cause people to suffer: it can also cause people to suffer from debilitating mental illness – depression most of all – because physical pain causes physic pain. In any event, this essay will describe the health issue and offer two health promotion strategies that one would implement for the client and for his or her family. The paper will...
The end:
.....ighted what arthritis is and how it may be treated; there is also brief mention of the auxiliary role that family members can play in helping someone lead a better life. All in all, this brief paper has been an exploration into how pain is invariably linked to a decline in one`s capacity to live life fully.
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