Health Care Policy Formation: The Issue Staffing


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Health Care Policy Formation: The Issue Staffing
The problem of staffing within the nursing career is as old as the nursing profession itself. Florence Nightingale who is widely acknowledged as the founder of modern nursing was very concerned early in her life about the quality of nursing care provided to patients in England. Nightingale (1969) said she became interested in issues to help improve nursing and the nursing environment and by extension to help patients in more meaningful and significant ways. Nightingale sought to improve the nursing healthcare system and environment by making the system health efficient. This brief introduction clearly reminds us that there are many unresolved problems within the nursing arena, and one of...
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.....d scholarships should be established to attract more quality interest in new nursing candidates.4) When the level of nursing shortages drops (more nurses available) then such incentives may be reduced, and may be introduced when needed again. This is like what the Federal Reserve Bank Chairman does to maintain the interest rates and healthy economy.
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