Health Care Meeting Questions


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Health Care Meeting Questions
The first question that needs to be discussed with this case is whether a second meeting was actually a good idea? The answer is that the second meeting is absolutely necessary because the first meeting was not set up properly. Kelly did not consider the power, communication and personality issues that exist between Shirley and Jeannie. With these issues it was a poor decision to have the first meeting without some sort of mediator. By arranging the meeting and advising Shirley to just listen she was guaranteeing that the meeting was going to be an unmitigated disaster(Hoffman and
One of the first problems relates to goals and can be explained by suggesting that Kelly failed to use...
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.....on for the facilitator to offer guidance to the participants so that they can move in the right direction. If they don’t in these cases then they are likely to get bogged down and no consensus will be achieved. This would lead to results that are similar to the first meeting. Therefore, Kelly as the facilitator has to ensure that the discussion keeps moving in the right direction.
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