Health Care and Environmental Education


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Health Care and Environmental Education
As a future health care professional, I feel that addressing environmental problems through educating patients is the greatest responsibility of those who work in health care. When I hear stories about environmental degradation in newspapers and on television, the discussions are most often led by scientists, environmentalists, or animal rights activists. When doctors and other health-care professionals are involved in the discussion, however, they often only warn that a poor environment leads to increased rates of certain diseases and health problems, without offering any understanding about the underlying causes of these problems. I think that it is the responsibility of health-care professionals...
The end:
.....ons, the health-care profession will not be able to move beyond the treatment and dealing with the more important and pressing problem of prevention. I think this problem compels health-care professionals to develop links with other environmentally-conscious groups, like academics and scientists. During the course of my education, I hope to learn about public health education strategies that address the problems I have discussed in this paper.
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