Hazards of Driving while Test Messaging on a Cell Phone


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Hazards of Driving while Test Messaging on a Cell Phone
Crashes caused by drivers talking on their wireless phones present great difficulties for citizens in the 21st century as the device has become a must-have accessory for many. People would never dream of reading a book while driving, nor would they write an essay. Yet many people think nothing of writing long and short messages to their friends and associates by using small keypads that require fine muscular coordination while driving a car. This endangers not just the driver of the car, but all other motorists that have to adjust to the drivers that are paying at best divided attention while at the wheel.
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.....in injury, or even death.
Recently, hands free devices have been legally mandated in many states. This increases the ability for the individual to engage in conversation without difficulty, which would be similar to talking to a passenger in a car. Yet the passenger in the car does not need to be pressed ten times before they will engage in dialogue. Any use of the wireless device requires minute attention to fine motor skills that would at the very least diminish the ability for the driver to pay full attention to the road. Modern technology has made constant communication with wireless devices possible. It is vital for all individuals to use a time tested form of technology, common sense to refrain from using text messaging while driving.