Hate Crimes against Whites


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The beginning:
Hate Crimes against Whites
Unfortunately, there continues to be tension among the races in the United States. While, throughout history, the focus has been on crimes committed against blacks- everything from slavery, to
and a lack of Civil Rights in the South, not enough has been exposed about hate crimes comitt3ed by blacks against whites. Many of these crimes are based on the frustrations of African-Americans concerning jobs, lack of proper education opportunities, lack of solid family guidance and the belief that whites tend to feel and be recognized as somehow being smugly “superior”.
There is no doubt that hate crimes against whites are underreported. Not that they do not occur. It is merely that, basically, they seem not to...
The end:
One needs to realize that, unfortunately, hate crimes know no racial or color boundaries. They need to be publicized and condemned and measures taken to ease if not totally eliminate the continuing tension among whites and all minorities- whatever color or ethnicity.
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