Has Work Become More Insecure and Unequal?


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Has Work Become More Insecure and Unequal?
This paper will look at whether or not work has become more insecure and unequal within the Canadian context. Within the context of the readings, definitions of inequality, insecurity, good jobs and bad jobs, will be used to argue the position that work has indeed become more insecure and unequal in the Canadian context. The phrase good jobs is defined as “jobs that pay reasonably well and that offer some degree of continuity and security” (Course Reading, Unit 3, p.65). The term bad jobs is defined as “jobs that do not pay enough to permit a reasonable standard of living, and that offer litte or no continuity or security” (Course Reading, Unit 3, p.65) and refers to “non-standard work of various...
The end:
.....nd how this perception affects his/her ability to move into a higher income bracket, whereas insecurity refers primarily to the absence of paid consistent, dependable labour for which a wage is earned.
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