Harmony of Two Paintings? “The Library” and “The Flip Flops and Lace”


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The beginning:
Harmony of Two Paintings? “The Library” and “The Flip Flops and Lace”
The artworks “The Library” and “The Flip flops and Lace” are African American portraits. The portraits are representations of two distinctly different social classes in the same ethnicity. The Library is a portrait that defines eagerness and wanting of people for knowledge and the desire of exploration. The Library is a depiction of varied resources at the local library. The Flip flop and Lace portrait is of a schoolgirl. The child is presented as childless in that she lacks the exuberance of her youth, any hope of a future and suffering in the moment she is in. The child in The Flip Flop and Lace is a prisoner of her environment.
The paint colors used in The Library are...
The end:
.....can life. The tonal contrast is the greatest difference while the oblique dominance of each work is what brings them together in harmony of what it really means to be African American in white society.
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