Hannah Arendt and Zionism


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History 191
25 April 2011
Hannah Arendt and Zionism
Hannah Arendt took a decidedly pessimistic view of Zionism in that she believed that she felt that it had to change with the times or be doomed to obsolescence. Arendt argued that "it
not be easy to save the Jews or to save Palestine in the twentieth century; that it can be done with categories and methods of the nineteenth century seems at the very most highly improbable" (“The Jew as Pariah” 163). She held that the actions of Jewish people overall were counterproductive to their true aspirations. The disconnect between Jewish people and the Palestinians over the land was a major issue for Arendt. Even at that...
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.....of English language Jewish newspapers, many of which would become formidable opponents of American Zionism" (The Zionist Career of Louis
" 2). This explanation may shed light on why
was a supporter of Zionism, while Arendt was a critic.
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