Hamlet in Modern Day: Five Things that would Drive him Crazy


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Hamlet in Modern Day: Five Things that would Drive him Crazy
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is one of Shakespeare’s most popular and greatest characters. He is very intelligent and thoughtful, but he is deeply troubled and depressed by his situation. Many of the things that disturbed him in the play still exist in modern American society and would still upset him. Five aspects of modern society that would drive Hamlet crazy are: our drinking culture, our lusting, suicide, women in a position of power, and phoniness.
Prince Hamlet shows no respect for those in his court who drink alcohol. After his uncle’s coronation there is a party thrown for the new king with much loudness and drunkenness. Hamlet does not participate, saying to Horatio that...
The end:
.....ng phony, and with all the ulterior motives and falseness going on in today’s society, Hamlet would not be able to trust anyone.
Even though Hamlet was written hundreds of years ago, many of the same problems still exist in society. Drunkenness, lustfulness, suicide, fickle women and phoniness are all still big parts of modern America. In fact they are more present now than in Hamlet’s time, so if he was so disturbed by what he saw in his own life, one can only imagine just how crazy he would go if he were living in today’s society.
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