Gun Violence in St. James Town Neighbourhood of Toronto


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Gun Violence in St. James Town Neighbourhood of Toronto
1. Identification of crime problem: Gun violence and homicides, particularly Black-on-Black crime, in the downtown St. James Town Neighbourhood of Toronto is a crime problem. According to a local website on Black-on-Black crime in Toronto there were 167 shootings in the city in 2009. By the beginning of August, 36 had already died from gun violence in the city in 2010. Many of these shootings took place in this less affluent section of town (Awesome Inc., 1 August 2010; Pecoskie, 15 August 2010; CBC News 15 August 2010).
The problem is made worse by hostility and distrust that the public displays toward the police. This is illustrated by a community website which includes an editorial...
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Note to client – Because I could not “implement” this program or interview any public official as you were directed this paper still does not meet all of your requirements. It does, however, now include a comprehensive strategy, the correct number of sources and address several of the professor’s comments.