Childhood to Adulthood in “The Last Picture Show” and “Y Tu Mama Tambien”


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The beginning:
Childhood to Adulthood in "The Last Picture Show" and "Y Tu Mama Tambien"
Growing up The two films, The Last Picture Show and Y Tu Mama Tambien
are, although set apart by thirty years, a good fit. Not only do they have many things in common, they are also both true works of art. In a way, they show two sides of the same coin. The coin is indeed a priceless and unique time in our lives: that transition from childhood and adolescence into adulthood and maturity. Like any period of transition, it is an exciting time. As the movies show it is a time of thrilling beginning as well as melancholy endings, as one gains the privilege of adulthood but looses the carefree adolescence.
There are also substantial...
The end:
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and then with Julio. The next day, the three are drunk and pout of control as the two boys reveal that they often slept with the same women. The three end up in bed together, the two men passionately kissing each other. The next morning, everything changes. The two boys return home and Luisa disappears from their lives. Their friendship dies and they only see each other one more time, awkwardly.
Both films deal with the losses and gain of growing up and coming of age. It can be argued that The Last Picture Show is about endings and Y
is about beginnings, but it is not that simple. Both films are about endings as well as beginnings, and it is the endings that most touching, particularly when friendships are lost.