Growing Policy Neglect of the Fair Housing Act for African Americans


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The beginning:
Growing Policy Neglect of the Fair Housing Act for African Americans
The Current Racial Discrimination of Homeownership in the United States
This study will analyze the policies of homeownership discrimination that Thomas Shapiro defines for African Americans through the current neglect of the Fair Housing Act in the 2000s recession era downturn. The failure of Fair Housing Act provides some instances in the way tax deductions and mortgage lending/credit discrimination disenfranchises African Americans from home ownership and in the creation of long-term assets in this market. For Shapiro, the lack of enforcement of tax laws and other credit or lending polices are often discriminatory along the economic lines drawn between whites and...
The end:
..... Act needs to be revived and backed up by federal action by producing tax deductions and incentives for African Americans to live culturally diverse neighborhoods without the ceiling of ghetto as a devaluation of their homeownership assets.
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