Growing Entity in Crescimanno’s “A Relationship is a Living Thing”


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The beginning:
Growing Entity in Crescimanno's "A Relationship is a Living Thing"
by Russell Crescimanno
Chapter #1—A Relationship is a Living Thing
Summarize material:
This chapter explains how a relationship is a living growing entity. It grows as much as you nurture it. If there is no love, compassion and friendship the relationship dies (
, 2009, p. 7-20).
It is amazing that people think relationships just happen and they take care of themselves. The reality of a relationship is that it needs to be paid attention to and developed into something that can last a lifetime (
, 2009, p. 7-20).
A relationship requires work, time, love and caring. It is so important to have people have a relationship with themselves so that they can...
The end:
..... to grow and develop the qualities necessary to live peacefully with another. In my relationships I am more aware of how much I contribute to the other person. I have found that in most of my relationships I need to step up and honor the non-verbal commitment I made to the other person to develop the relationship.
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