Group Presentation: Reena Virk


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Group Presentation: Reena Virk
Reena Virk was a 14-year-old girl who was beaten to death in a suburb of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, by seven other girls and one boy in 1997 (Jiwani). The racialization within Virk’s community and school is likely to have been a factor in her being attacked, as is her physical difference from the other girls with whom she was acquainted (Jiwani). As a result, her murder is tied to the overarching endemic problems faced by racialized immigrant communities in Canada, but it is also tied to young people’s experiences of racism and sexism. The lack of the ability of the media to critically examine this case on a social level has led to scholarly scrutiny of the discourse on Virk and those who...
The end:
.....n-girl” violence rather than the complex social issues which need to be examined in order to truly explain what happened to Virk. I believe that an examination of the moral panic phenomenon may help to shed light on this disturbing series of events.
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