Gregor’s Greatest Problem: His Family and Place in the Samsa Family


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The beginning:
Gregor's Greatest Problem: His Family and Place in the Samsa Family
I agree with this assessment. It seems to me that even if
had been able to communicate vocally with his family, he would not have been heard. His family uses him for money and his place in his family seems solidified- and I think even if he had tried or been able to talk, he would not have been able to sway them or get them to listen to him in a less than superficial way.
I hate to be a broken record, but
greatest problem is his family, and his place within the
family.  He is depended upon by them-  his father cannot work because of his physical health, and his mother and sister Grete do not work.  They live in a larger flat and because of
The end:
..... the clothing described by the Governess impresses (not sure if this is the right word), maybe makes an impression on Mrs.
, which puts Mrs.
on her side and makes Mrs.
that the Governess is credible and trustworthy, has seen something important, like a ghost, or knows more than she should based on a ghostly sighting.
I think that this is an interesting interpretation-  I can believe that Mrs.
wants to believe but doesn't, but would she really repeatedly lie to the Governess about it just to make her feel like she supported her? I don't know. I certainly think that Mrs.
is confused by not being able to see the ghosts while the Governess can, but I'm not sure Mrs.
isn't on the side of the Governess.