Great-West Life Customer Service


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Great-West Life Customer Service
Most companies' individual websites are largely devoted to marketing their products and providing information regarding enticing customers to do business with them, placing information regarding complaints, how to file a complaint, and the organization of the customer service department are rarely place first and foremost on the website. This involves a measure of searching the site, and the Great-West Life website is no different from any other company's internet presence. In the case of Great-West Life, there is a readily navigable set of tabs with immediate links to corporate information. This is prominent placed on the top of Great-West Life's home page ("Great-West"). A single click takes the visitor...
The end:
...... Additionally there is a link from the internal Ombudsman page to the Ombudsman for Life and Health Insurance links for contacts and links for contacting via letter, phone, facsimile, and email with options for both English and French. Also assurances of the importance to Great-West as to consumer concerns and addressing them in a timely manner ("Great-West"). As with other parts of the company website these links are intuitive in location, and easy to navigate to obtain relevant information if a consumer has concerns and feels that they are not gaining satisfaction from the company Ombudsman.
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