Government Policy and its Role in Economic Development


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Government Policy and its Role in Economic Development
Economic development has ranked as a key imperative for government policy makers ever since nation-states began to form. Over the past century or so, scholars have debated the optimal governmental system that allows for rapid economic development. One group argues that the developmental democracies, as witnessed in post-World War II Germany and Japan, offer the best system to foster development while also protecting the personal rights and social mobility of its citizens. Meanwhile, others believe that authoritarian regimes provide a better framework for rapid development because there is no requirement to build consensus when the government wishes to launch or advance specific...
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.....regimes can succeed for several decades and bring about significant economic development to the country, without eventual political reform that provides greater individual rights and freedoms, they will eventually collapse. China has acceded to these demands thus far, however, the key to their long-term viability as a Communist success story will depend on how well they can placate the majority of their citizens.
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