Google Internal Analysis


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Google Internal Analysis
1.0 Organizational Structure
Google is one of the most recognized firms in the world today. Its development of search technology and its ability to provide effective long-tail advertising to virtually any firm, regardless of size, is unmatched. The company’s organization is based on four broad business units which are: 1) Search, 2) Ads, 3) Apps, and 4) Mobile (“Corporate”). The company’s business units each are tasked with monetizing their platforms although the Ads business unit provides the vast majority of the company’s revenues. However, the company also emphasizes human resources management strategies such as learning and development as a means to spur long-term growth and profitability.
At Google, leadership...
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.....lopment. These are mobile solutions such as mobile apps for the firm’s Android mobile phone operating system as well as new solutions for mobile search (“Google”). Finally, Google is also developing its own operating system based on its Chrome web browser which stands to revolutionize not only the web surfing industry but also the entire personal computer industry.
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