God’s Promise According to the Old Testament Prophets


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God’s Promise According to the Old Testament Prophets
God’s Promise According to the Old Testament Prophets
The Old Testament can be viewed as the physical or written manifestation of God’s promise in Jesus Christ to the people of Israel, and ultimately to all. The prophets of the Old Testament are critical to understanding how the word of God was passed throughout the people of Israel and the individual prophets served as vessels to articulate the promise of God in Jesus Christ. It can be said that, coming through the eyes of the Old Testament prophets and through a form of special revelation that God made Himself be known through the prophets McConville (2002) and what was revealed to the prophets was...
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..... did not act in accordance of God’s truth for them and live according to God’s plan. What was to come would be revealed as a promise, a covenant between God and the people in the form of Jesus Christ. In this way, the prophets individual messages, despite the differences in historical context, tone, time frame and social and environmental factors occurring in Israel, each contribute to the promise, particulary in the work of Joel and Isaiah. The fulfillment of this promise, of course, that would by fully realized in the New Testament.
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