God’s Lonely Men: The Loneliness of Travis Bickle and the ‘Underground Man’


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The beginning:
God’s Lonely Men: The Loneliness of Travis Bickle and the ‘Underground Man’
Notes from the Underground and Martin
Taxi Driver are both centered an individual’s view of his existence in the underground of major metropolitan areas. In the characters of the ‘Underground Man’ and Travis
, the perspective of the dark side of humanity is explored by men who are enigmatic outsiders. Many similarities can be drawn between the characters that can be traced to the dispossessed view of society that each man shares. Conversely, many differences can be demonstrated that reflect the individuality of each man as well as the unique nature of their environments. Despite the differences, the similarities of the men reflect a...
The end:
..... (Dostoyevsky 69). Like Travis, he attempts to rescue the fallen. Travis, spurned by Betsy transfers his idolatry to the teenage prostitute Iris, whose defiled innocence ignites his vengeance. The ‘Underground Man’, incapable of action merely humiliates the prostitute by tossing money her way. His inertia has imprisoned him. Travis, on the other hand becomes the liberator. He liberates Iris, and most importantly, he liberates himself from forever being “God’s lonely man” (Taxi Driver)
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