God Reveals and Glorifies Himself in Chapter 2 of the Book of Daniel


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The beginning:
God Reveals and Glorifies Himself in Chapter 2 of the Book of Daniel
Daniel Chapter 2 tells the story of King Nebuchadnezzar who had a dream that no prophet of Babylon could interpret. Hearing that the king would kill all prophets in the land, Daniel prayed to his God and asked that it be given to him the meaning of the dream. God answered Daniel and the prophet shared his wisdom with the king who was greatly pleased. Some might think that the moral of this story is that God lifts up men of faith. But that is not it at all. This story shows that God uses people and events to both reveal and glorify Himself, not to show the greatness or glory of men.
God begins to reveal His message by first exposing the chicanery of the prophets of Babylon...
The end:
..... a dream. And the answer to the question is simple. It is a God who is the one and only true God. And it is a God who is not interested in glorifying men like Daniel or kings like Nebuchadnezzar. It is the one and only God who wants to be revealed to the world and glorified in truth. False religions and the ways of the world blind men from the truth of God and His glory. But there is always hope that God will find a man like Daniel who will serve the purposes of God as a true and humble servant. And when God finds such people, He can perform great miracles for those who trust in Him and follow His ways.
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