God, Human Nature and Reality


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The beginning:
God, Human Nature and Reality
My worldview is shaped by Christianity and the Bible and the three components I find relevant to it are God, human nature, and perceptions of reality. My belief in the value of these three components is critical and I elucidate this belief at home to my family, particularly within the context of environmentalism. One facet of clarifying this belief is in the refuting of criticisms against the Christian worldview. By placing strong arguments against this criticism my own faith is strengthened and clarified.
One perspective which is in opposition to my own is that of Lynn White. He held that Christianity subsumed a lack of environmental sense within its tenets due to the anthropocentric character of Christian...
The end:
.....mental problems in regions of Asia, as an example, would be mitigated despite the presence of chemically-based economic systems. In essence, no matter what faith people adhere to, valuing the environment is something which ultimately comes from within. It is human nature and its expression then becomes our reality. My worldview, my love of God, and my faith dictate that my reality is a clean one, on the inside as well as the outside. This holds true for my conduct as well as my thoughts. God has given us the Bible so that we can have this path to follow, without fail, for this is the true path of the righteous.
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