Goal Setting and Strategies


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Goal Setting and Strategies
The community assessed is called Contact Alternative School which is a high school that educates students of both genders, ranging from the ages of 16 through 21. Goals for enhancing this community include programs that encourage teamwork, open communication, leadership, social support, flexible education systems by providing greater opportunities for individualized focused attention.
Creating and implementing community strategies is another goal for this community. Strategies will increase health and wellness by teaching coping skills related to issues of limited resources, inconvenient location, poor housing, drug abuse, alcohol use, unplanned pregnancies and unstable family situations.
Community health goals...
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...... Part of this plan will be to create and enhance current coping skill programs to deal specifically with victim blaming regarding academic failures. This plan will help to enhance the student’s sense of pride from obtaining educational support. The goal will be to create a host environment that is student centered and will attract motivational speakers to share similar experiences of finding success in spite of a difficult and troubling childhood.
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