Globalization in Business


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Globalization in Business
1) What are the pros and cons of globalization?
Globalization is the spread of values, ethics and ideas around the world. It allows people to work together more easily on an international basis. Globalization is also helpful because it allows companies and countries to streamline processes and laws which can drive down the cost of doing business and ease restrictions. It can be seen as a positive development in human life because with one set of rules, it is easier for people to work and travel around the globe. It also means that everyone will have the same rights and the same opportunities.
There are negative aspects of globalization as well. When every person in the world is required to have the same values,...
The end: are paid in cash from the cash drawer by any staff member. These should be made from a separate petty cash account box, by cheque or pre-paid so that there is a clear record of the transaction that can be traced. Only one staff member should be responsible for this transaction.
Internal control strengths
Sally and Sarah have been working at the company for a long time. There are few employees. This makes it easier in general to trace what has happened at the company on a daily basis.
There is a camera that records customers at the cash register and a mirror so the person serving at the cash register can see most of the store. This allows Sally to keep a record of what happens just in case there is a problem with one of the transactions.