Globalization and the Paradox of Diversity


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Sociology 123
23 November 2010
Globalization and the Paradox of Diversity
The viability of human society is negatively affected when diversity is reduced. From a philosophical or political standpoint, the absence of diverse views pushes perspectives into narrow confines. While this may suit the desires of the majority population, human existence is conducted in a dynamic environment. Sometimes the minority viewpoints end
up being the ones with the best utility in the future. By silencing these views, the narrow approach to existence can lead communities and nations down linear paths which are destined to have inevitably negative results due to the rigidity of the approach....
The end:
..... rights violations in corporations with global foci. Corporations held accountable by the labor they thrive on are unlikely to “play nice” in one country while they commit brutal acts of corporate subjugation in other countries. "At the end of the day corporations want to turn a profit" (Page 368). Perhaps someday they will understand how to maximize social justice through the support of diversity along with their economic objectives. It is only then that globalization, from a socioeconomic standpoint, will be mutually beneficial for corporations as well as society.
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