Globalization and Technological Convergence


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Globalization and Technological Convergence
The rise of globalization in the past half century has altered the course of history, economics, and politics throughout the world. Important watershed events no longer happen to particular towns, states, or countries – rather any vast change in the fortunes of one constituency is likely have global repercussions. The world, for better or worse, is connected. Although globalization is not a new concept, its success as a policy in the last fifty years is attributable to one fundamental cause: the rampant advances in communications technology that attended the last quarter of the twentieth century. Interestingly, these advances are both a cause, and an effect of increased global connectivity, such...
The end:
.....nified technologies on a global scale is, for any given field, inevitable. Thus the mutual effect of globalization on technology and technology on globalization will ultimately result in a common technological way of life, in which the majority of the world uses a majority of the same technology.
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