Global Warming: The Most Significant Global Environmental Problem Today


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Global Warming: The Most Significant Global Environmental Problem Today
This paper will argue that the biggest environmental problem in the world today is global warming. The paper will examine sources, impacts and some of the necessary changes that need to be implemented in order to reduce the impacts of global warming. The discussion will show that global warming is a complex environmental problem that will impact the world in many ways and that the required solution entails changes in several aspects of our life, both social and technological.
Greenhouse gases occur naturally in the atmosphere and enable the Earth to maintain a relatively high surface temperature by trapping ultra- violet radiation and preventing its escape from the...
The end:
.....blem today, because it will impact the entire world and because its consequences are complex, multiple and far reaching. In order to stop global warming a global solution is needed, one that entails consensus between all the nations of the world and which covers a wide range of human activities.
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