Global Warming: Human Beings Really may not be the Cause, After All


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Global Warming: Human Beings Really may not be the Cause, After All
Global warming has become one of the dominant issues of our time; it is certainly an issue that preoccupies the attention of many legislators and academics – many of whom are firmly convinced that global warming is the greatest scourge to ever confront humanity. The following paper will explore the veracity of claims that global warming is the product of human activity; the paper will also look at whether or not global warming is truly dangerous to the future of the globe. To get things started, Singer and Avery offer an excellent rebuttal of the alarmists’ claims that global warming is human-caused and must be stopped before huge numbers of humans perish. Dessler and...
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.....e may well be one of those things that certain elites have concocted to advance their own power. Certainly, there is credible information now available suggesting that climate change is not man-made and may not even be something humans can control. Without a doubt, we accept the views of the alarmists at our own peril.
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