Global Warming and the Influence of Rising Sea Levels


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Global Warming and the Influence of Rising Sea Levels
Consider the sandpiper. It chirps its solitary song along beaches around the world. A bird that feeds itself by scavenging along the shorelines of bodies of water, the sandpiper poses no threat to any creatures with the exception of insects. The bird rarely competes with other birds, as the length of its bill allows it to feed on insects buried in sand or mud at depths that other birds cannot reach. The sandpiper is not threatened by other creatures, but it, like other creatures on the planet-including man- is threatened by the restriction of its natural habitat through the elevation of sea levels.
As a result of global warming, and subsequent elevations of sea levels, much of the...
The end: of the modern day world, and pity them, “for they know not what they do” (King James Bible, Luke 23:34).
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