Global Supply Chain Management


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Global Supply Chain Management
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October 17, 2009
The organization I work with uses Global Supply Chain Management. Because the company is an Import-Export concern, Global Supply Chain Management provides a more robust methodology to meet our needs than would Global Value Chain Management.
The company is initially concerned with the sourcing of its products, which are primarily antiques from India, Nepal, and Tibet. The sourcing part of the business is quite complex. We have experts in the field who are Cultural Anthropologists who also have Archeology training. These researchers are constantly traveling in the most remote regions of South Asia and interfacing with local people. They are quite...
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.....nly as strong as its weakest link. Value is not added to the products the company sources as these products already have international market values which are set according to the type of product, its age, and its quality. The supply particulars are the most important facets of the business. Without strict adherence to the principles of Global Supply Chain Management, the company would simply not be able to conduct its operations.
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